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Lorraine Collection by American Jane for Moda
Happiness is a new line of fabric and this line both warms my heart and lifts my spirit. The skies maybe cloudy and grey but inside there’s a glow of sunlight with the cheddar yellows, perky plaids, fresh greens and warm reds featured in my Lorraine fabrics. So make new quilts and brighten every part of your day from the breakfast table to your bed at night! Happy quilting! -Sandy

School Days
by American Jane for Moda If you know a child in elementary school, this line is for you! It is so vintage and yet so current! Moms and Grandmoms are going to have a hay day doing up a child’s whole room! I can see curtains, floor cloth, pillows and of course a quilt or two. I have such good memories of school days! I still love the lined paper and now you have it in fabric with dot to dot words on the border. There are two small florals, plaids, dot to dot pictures and a novelty alphabet! The large floral has a polka dot background which makes it totally delightful, and reminds me of the day when everyone in our third grade class brought our teacher flowers. The classroom smelled delicious and looked beautiful!

Sweet Harmony