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Rhapsody in Blue
Rhapsody in Blue
Mary Kovalís latest collection is a combination of rich blues and creams. This collection brings new life into traditional prints influenced from the 1830ís. Perfect for reproduction era quilts, this dignified collection is sure to inspire the creative side in anyone.

Edith ca. 1840-1870, a reproduction collection by Mary Koval delivers the historic accuracy and beauty you have come to expect from Mary with a thoughtful updating of colors for your 21st century home. The pinks, purples, reds and browns of this group and the plaids, serpentines, and floral patterns will unleash your imagination as you embark on your next heirloom adventure.

These fabrics will take you back to 1870 when romance was in the air. Create a cozy bedroom to dream in with lovely quilts, curtains and pillows. Take pleasure in working with these lovely fabrics and dream up all sorts of beautiful projects.


Mary’s Blenders
Harmoniously shade from one color to another without obvious transitions or boundaries. Mix a substance with another substance so that the two do not readily separate. Mix with something else without being conspicuous.

Sophie CA. 1820-1840
Mary Koval proudly draws inspiration from fabrics that herald from Provence, France. Rich in design, the main floral print in Sophia is c.1820-1840. An exquisite piece of cloth originally printed on linen, this fabric provided (and still provides on cotton) many end uses such as table coverings, soft home furnishing, accessories and (of course) quilts. The red hue is considered a true Turkey red and the blue shade is a true Provence.

Tree Of Life
An outstanding collection of vintage reproduction patterns gathered by quilt historian, Mary Koval, this group features a main pattern of a Tree of Life in three colorways. Use this as your focal point and accent with the many coordinates or employ to make stand-out borders. The deep hues found in Tree of Life will warm your home and heart.