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There is no place the 3 Sisters love more than Paris in springtime. Leisurely strolls along the Seine and into the many lovely gardens are the inspiration for Printemps. Aptly named after the French word for spring and the sisters' favorite department store in Paris, Printemps is the Creme de la creme in a deliciously soft palette of delicate floral prints that appear as though they were fresh picked from Marie Antoinette's garden of Versailles.

Printemps Honeycomb 44030HC
Sku #: 44030HC
Printemps Honeycomb 44030HC by 3 Sisters for Moda

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$17.50 $8.75 each

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Printemps 44032-23
Sku #: 44032-23
Printemps 44032-23 Primrose by 3 Sisters for Moda

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$10.50 $5.25 per yard

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